RONDINO – The University of Toronto Faculty of Music Percussion Ensemble
plays John Cage, First Construction in Metal, Forever andSunsmell Terry Hulick, Rondino, John Beckwith, A Game of Bowls Bob Becker, Mudra and Jo Kondo, Eight Categories. Director, Robin Engelman.  Order from, University of Toronto Faculty of Music, Edward Johnson Building, 80 Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario,  Canada M5S 2C5.
STARS & STRIPES – Canadian Brass
Opening Day ODR 7382
This was a fun project. I wrote many of the percussion parts and one complete arrangement on this CD selection of famous American tunes – with a bow to Canada.- and besides the impeccable Brass, the percussionists are Bob Becker, Russell Hartenberger and Ryan Scott. Wonderful music, wonderfully arranged by Howard Cable. See my postings “Note for a Canadian Brass Booklet and” “Rope Drums and Brass” under Fifes & Drums on this web site.
Nexus Records 10915

  1. A Song of Circles and Triangles -Toru Takemitsu, arr. by Robin Engelman
  2. Sakura (Cherry Blossoms – Traditional) – Toru Takemitsu, arr. by Robin Engelman
  3. Just Sing – Bill Cahn
  4. Will Tomorrow, I Wonder, Be Cloudy or Clear? – Toru Takemitsu, arr. by Robin Engelman
  5. Unseen Child – Bob Becker (based on the song “Mienai Kodomo” by Toru Takemitsu
  6. All That the Man Left Behind When He Died – Toru Takemitsu, arr. by Robin Engelman
  7. Wings -Toru Takemitsu, arr. by Bob Becker
  1. Telisi Odyssey – Russell Hartenberger
Nexus Records 10814

  1. Away without Leave – 5:09
  2. time flies – 14:45
  3. out of the blue – 25:08
RITUALS – NEXUS with the IRIS Orchestra
Nexus Records 8.559268
Rituals for five Percussionists and Orchestra (2002)
by Ellen Taaffe Zwilich

  1. Invocation (6:07)
  2. Ambulation (5:47)
  3. Remembrances (6:21)
  4. Contests (7:41)
Nexus Records 10713

LULLABY – NEXUS with marimbist Leigh Howard Stevens
Nexus Records 10612

  1. Lullaby for Esmé – Robin Engelman (13:08)
    Bob Becker, solo steel pans
    Recorded in Burton Auditorium, York University
  2. Nocturnal – Jo Kondo (15:13)
    Recorded at CBC Studio 44(+)
  3. Rosewood Dreaming – William L. Cahn
    Movement #1 – (5:52)
    Movement #2 – (7:39)
    Movement #3 – (10:04)
    Leigh Howard Stevens, solo marimba
    Recorded at CBC Studio 44(+)
GARDEN OF SOUNDS – NEXUS with Richard Stoltzman, clarinet
BIS Records CD-1108

  1. Le Dialogue du bois (7:00)
  2. Eternal Triangle Beckons (6:23)
  3. Wonderings (7:17)
  4. Rhapsody in Green (6:02)
  5. Rites (4:57)
  6. Waterfall Having No Water (6:40)
  7. Bamboo Grove (2:28)
  8. Midnight In the Lupines (2:58)
  9. Amazin’ Gazin’ (5:31)
  10. Garden of Sounds (4:50)
  11. Tibet to Be (4:00)
  12. Reflections (6:09)
  13. Ebony Reverie (4:52)
WORLD DIARY – NEXUS with Tony Levin
Papa Bear Records

    • 1-5. Various artists
    • 6. Espresso & the Bed of Nails (4:45) by: Nexus and Tony Levin
      NEXUS with Tony Levin on Chapman Stick
      Notes: The first sound on the track is T.L.’s Gaggia expresso machine, the last sound is John Wyre’s nail sculpture. This is the short version of the piece, the full being too long for this CD.
    • 7-9. Various artists
    • 10. Heat (6:30) by: Nexus and Tony Levin
    • 11-12. Various artists

Some of the other artists appearing on Tony’s Solo CD include: Shankar, Ayub Ogada, Brian Yamakoshi, Jerry Marotta, Bendik, Bill Bruford, Levon Minassian and Manu Katche.

THE SOLO PERCUSSIONIST – Music for Percussion by William L. Cahn
Nexus Records 10339

    Partita for Solo Percussion, performed by Patricia Dash, percussion/timpani

  1. Boureé (4:03)
  2. Sarabande (2:25)
  3. Gigue (2:35)
  4. The Recital Piece, performed by Robin Engelman, percussion/narration
  5. Raga No. 1 for Solo Timpani, performed by Ruth Cahn, timpani/tambura
  6. “…won’t you join the dance?”
    performed by Michael Udow, percussion and James VanDemark, double bass
    Nara for Solo Percussion, performed by Russell Hartenberger, percussion

  1. Todaiji – The Hall of the Great Buddha (2:15)
  2. Ceremonial Dance (3:30)
  3. Sacred Deer (3:27)
  4. Nigatsudo – The Temple On The Hill (2:15)
  5. Shiteno – The Guardians of the Temple (5:16)
  6. In Ancient Temple Gardens (12″54)
    performed by Bob Becker, xylophone/percussion and Joseph Werner, piano
THERE IS A TIME – Compositions by Bob Becker
Nexus Records 10328

  1. Prisoners of the Image Factory (4:25) Bob Becker
  2. Noodrem (6:18) Bob Becker
  3. Mudra (13:10) Bob Becker
  4. Turning Point (7:17) Bob Becker
  5. There is a Time (27:18) Bob Becker
VAGABOND DREAM – Solo Performance by John Wyre
Heron Pond 1001

  1. Vagabond Dream (20:19) John Wyre
  2. Bronze Blossoms (10:20) John Wyre
  3. Journey Of The Bells (21:18) John Wyre
RUNE – NEXUS plays the Music of Hawkins, Tenney and Mather
Nexus Records 10511
A new recording featuring three major works, all commissioned by and composed for Canada’s premier percussion group NEXUS by award-winning Canadian composers John Hawkins, James Tenney and Bruce Mather.

    Dance Variations(20:55) John Hawkins

  1. I (1:46)
  2. II (1:19)
  3. III (7:11)
  4. IV (6:51)
  5. V (2:11)
  6. VI (1:33)
    In 1983 John Hawkins was awarded the prestigious Jules Léger Prize for new chamber music.Dance Variations is a six movement work composed with a deceptively “popular” melodic and harmonic vocabulary, yet it remains one of the most rhythmically complex and challenging pieces in the NEXUS repertoire.
    Rune (20:14) James Tenney

  1. 0′ (first part)
  2. 8′ (second part)
    A recent winner of the Jean A. Chalmers Award, composer, theorist and author James Tenney has received international recognition and acclaim. Rune is an extremely colourful work, employing instruments of wood and metal, as well as drums and rattles. Its structure is based on stochastic principles employing “pitch streams” and a “centre of gravity”.
    Clos d’Audignac (15:49) Bruce Mather

  1. (solo marimba)
  2. (ensemble entrance)
  3. cadenza I
  4. (interlude)
  5. cadenza II
  6. (coda)
    One of Québec’s most important composers, Bruce Mather has twice won the Jules Léger Prize for new chamber music. Clos d’Audignac is one of Mather’s many compositions inspired by fine wines, which led to his being initiated into the “Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin” at the Château Clos de Vougeot in 1987.
Koch International Classics 3-1557-2

  1. Marubatoo (13:29) John Wyre
  2. Fra Fra (5:31) NEXUS
  3. Mbira (5:49) NEXUS
  4. Remembrance (10:33) Robin Engelman
  5. -10. Solo works for percussion performed by Peter Sadlo
TORU TAKEMITSU’S “From me flows what you call time” – NEXUS with the Pacific Symphony
Sony SK 63044
Carl St.Clair, conducting

  1. From me flows what you call Time (35:59)
  2. Twill by Twilight (In Memory of Morton Feldman) for orchestra (14:42)
  3. Requiem (for string orchestra) (10:58)
WORLD DRUM FESTIVAL 1997 – Hamburg, Germany
Syrinx Music & Media SXP 130079
CD #2

  • 1-8. Various artists
  • 9. NEXUS – Kebjar-Bali (9:40) by William Cahn

from African Suite:

  • 10. NEXUS – Mbira (7:40) arr. by Nexus
  • 11. NEXUS – Kobina (9:19) arr. by Nexus
Nexus Records 10410
a live recording celebrating NEXUS’ 25th Anniversary season

  1. Kichari (14:56) NEXUS
  2. Tongues (5:00) NEXUS
  3. Reunion (12:01) NEXUS
  4. Toccata (22:56) NEXUS and Eric Robertson, organ
FAREWELL TO PHILOSOPHY – The Music is Gavin Bryars
Point Music 454 126-2
NEXUS plays “One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing”

  • 1-7. Cello Concerto (Farewell to Philosophy)
    One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing, for percussion ensemble
    -Decicated to NEXUS-
  • 8. Lento (8:28)*
  • 9. Più mosso (7:41)*
  • 10. coda (2:49)*
  • 11-13. By the Vaar (for solo double-bass, bass clarinet, percussion and strings)
VOICES – NEXUS with The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Nexus Records 10317
Peter Bay, conducting

  1. Connexus by John Wyre (20:30)
  2. Kebjar-Bali by William Cahn (09:24)
  3. The Birds by William Cahn (11:07)
  4. Voices by William Cahn (13:47)
THE STORY OF PERCUSSION IN THE ORCHESTRA – NEXUS with The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Nexus Records 10306
Bill Moyers, narrator

  1. Variation and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell (1947) by Benjamin Britten (Excerpts)
  2. Thésée Overture (1675) by Jean-Baptiste Lully (Excerpt)
  3. March for Kettledrums (1685) by Jacques Philidor (Excerpt)
  4. La Marche from Thésée (1675) by Jean-Baptiste Lully
  5. Janissary March (based on Mozart’s ‘Le Nozze Di Figaro’)
  6. Il Seraglio Overture (1782) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Excerpt)
  7. Three Camps (Run Boys, Run) Traditional Drum Beating
  8. Sturm-Marsch from Wellington’s Victory (1813) by Ludwig van Beethoven
  9. Bolero – Spanish Danse No. 5 (ca. 1876) by Moritz Moszkowsky
  10. Fluffy Ruffles (1919) by George Hamilton Green
  11. The Birds (1983) by William L. Cahn
Nexus Records 10295
Live ImprovisationsThis recording is a vivid reproduction of the kind of spontaneous, unrehearsed improvisation that can be experienced at a live NEXUS concert. The music on this disc was recorded directly from the studio floor to two track digital tape. Balance and mix were monitored and controlled in real time with no overdubbing or addition of electronic sounds.

  1. Origins (8:15)
  2. Signs of the Time (11:10)
  3. Song of the Nine Iron (6:17)
  4. Perpetual Emotion
    • The Good Humor Man Meets the Knife Sharpener (2:53)
    • A Flash in the Pans (5:08)
  5. Arioso (2:22)
  6. Waltz Happens (6:50)
  7. Our Way (3:40)
CBC 2-1037

Nexus Records 10262

  1. Marubatoo (13:05) John Wyre
  2. Fauna (13:17) William Cahn
  3. Cymbal (11:55) Bob Becker
  4. Rain Tree (11:10) Toru Takemitsu
  5. Remembrance (9:36) Robin Engelman
Nexus Records 10251

  1. Kobina Nexus (6:23)
  2. Triplets G.H. Green/Becker (2:31)
  3. Xylophonia J. Green/Becker (3:43)
  4. Passage Nexus (4:42)
  5. Amazing Space Nexus (4:04)
  6. The Birds William Cahn (9:38)
  7. Third Construction John Cage (12:28)
  8. Daybreak, an aubade Earle Birney and Nexus (2:07)
  9. McSimpson’s annual boat excursion to Nanaimo, June 1949 Earle Birney and Nexus (4:12)
  10. The Hummingbird G.H. Green/Becker (3:25)
  11. Spanish Waltz G.H. Green/Becker (4:20)
  12. Frivolity G.H. Green/Cahn (3:00)
Nexus Records 10273
Featuring Bob Becker, Xylophone Soloist

  1. Fluffy Ruffles (2:31) G.H. Green/Cahn
  2. Rajah (3:16) G.H. Green/Becker
  3. Frivolity (2:59) G.H. Green/Cahn
  4. An Indian Story (2:59) G.H. Green/Becker
  5. Valse Brillante (6:28) G.H. Green/Becker
  6. Chromatic Fox-Trot (3:12) G.H. Green/Becker
  7. Dotty Dimples (2:46) G.H. Green, V. Arden/Cahn
  8. Keep Movin’ (3:42) G.H. Green/Becker
  9. The Humming Bird (3:22) G.H. Green/Becker
  10. The Ragtime Robin (2:32) G.H. Green/Becker
  11. Spanish Waltz (4:20) G.H. Green/Becker
  12. Charleston Capers (2:33) G.H. Green/Becker
Nexus Records 10284
Bill Cahn, Michael Craden, Robin Engelman, Russell Hartenberger, John Wyre
Featuring Bob Becker, Xylophone Soloist

  1. Triplets (2:27) G.H. Green/Becker
  2. Cross Corners (3:54) G.H. Green/Becker
  3. The Whistler (2:05) G.H. Green/Becker
  4. Nola (3:34) F. Arndt/Green & Cahn
  5. Rainbow Ripples (2:23) G.H. Green/Becker
  6. Xylophonia (3:31) Jos. Green/Becker
  7. Dill Pickles (1:59) C. Johnson/Becker
  8. Jovial Jasper (3:12) G.H. Green/Becker
  9. The Ragtime Robin (2:24) G.H. Green/Becker
  10. Stop Time (1:44) G.H. Green/Becker
  11. Log Cabin Blues (2:30) G.H. Green/Becker
THE ALTITUDE OF THE SUN – NEXUS with Paul Horn, flutes and alto sax
Black Sun Records 15002-2
This album was recorded in 1975. Through inspired improvisations, NEXUS and Paul Horn created an emotionally potent and stylistically diverse album that colorfully merged strong, earthy rhythms with cultural influences from South America, Africa, India, Tibet and the U.S.A.

  • 1-8. Paul Horn with Egberto Gismonti

Track 9 begins tracks with NEXUS

  • 9. Somba (5:09)
  • 10. Friendship (2:04)
  • 11. Nexus (5:19)
  • 12. Mbira (3:50)
  • 13. Latin Tala (2:46)
  • 14. African Funeral Song (4:57)
  • 15. Eastern Star (4:38)
  • 16. Dharma (6:11)
  • 17. Capetown (2:58)

Out of Print Early NEXUS LP’s

  1. Paul Horn and Nexus (Epic KE33561) 1975
  2. Nexus Ragtime Concert (Umbrella 002) 1976
  3. Music of Nexus (NE 01) 1978
  4. Under the Umbrella (CP 2/11) 1981
  5. Changes (NE 05) 1982
  6. Nexus & Earle Birney, vol. I-III (WRC1-2258, 2259 & 2260) 1982

From the 2002 PASIC in Columbus, Ohio

US $15.00

A Gift of History

This DVD is a milestone in the documentation of snare drumming styles through the ages. Over two hours of live concert footage and an in depth interview of Artistic Director Robin Engelman by concert narrator Dennis DeLucia. The sound quality is superb and you’ll see close up the technique of some of the greatest drumming artists of today.

Major solos by the legendary John S. Pratt – author of Fourteen Modern Contest Solos, Nick Attanasio “ bass drum legend, Jeff Queen – star of Blast & DCI icon, Jim Kilpatric – Scottish drumming grand master, Marty Hurley (d. 2011) – Drum corps master teacher and Alfons Grieder (d. 2003) – Swiss master drummer.

Also featured:

The Colonial Williamsburg Fifes & Drums, Rope drums and music from the American Revolution – The Camp Chase Fifes & Drums, Civil War Music specialists with appearances in the films “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals” – Canadian Associates Rudimental Drumming Excellence(C.A.D.R.E.) senior masters of Canadian corps style – The Peel Regional Drum Corps & Pipes, perennial top ten in world pipe and drum competitions – Americlique, Swiss, Basel style ensemble – Bethune-Cookman Marching Wildcats, Show Band Masters and stars of the movie “DrumLine”- The Oakvillage Marching Percussion Ensemble – a junior band from Houston, The University of North Texas Drumline, multiple PAS champions and a Grand Finale with all the artists performing together.

All of the more than 220 field drummers, fifers and pipers donated their performances for the Historic Drummers Heritage Concert DVD. Their generous contribution allows proceeds from the sale of this DVD to be deposited into the  Drummers Heritage Concert Event fund.

This Heritage fund will partially finance annual presentations of events which emphasize the rich history of percussionists and its effects on modern styles.

Retail price US $15.00.

All proceeds go to: PAS Drummer’s Heritage Concert Events Fund.
Order your copy from:





       1. Siodoki (Demons)

       2, Concertante

        3. South – Fire – Summer


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