The Historic Drummer’s Heritage Concert DVD

14 Nov

The Historic Drummer’s Heritage Concert DVD
From the 2002 PASIC in Columbus, Ohio

US $30.00

A Gift of History

This DVD is a milestone in the documentation of snare drumming styles through the ages. Over two hours of live concert footage and an in depth interview of Artistic Director Robin Engelman by concert narrator Dennis DeLucia. The sound quality is superb and you’ll see close up the technique of some of the greatest drumming artists of today.

Major solos by the legendary John S. Pratt – author of Fourteen Modern Contest Solos, Nick Attanasio “ bass drum legend, Jeff Queen – star of Blast & DCI icon, Jim Kilpatric – Scottish drumming grand master, Marty Hurley – Drum corps master teacher and Alfons Grieder – Basel drumming master.


The Colonial Williamsburg Fifes & Drums, Rope drums and music from the American Revolution – The Camp Chase Fifes & Drums, Civil War Music specialists with appearances in the films “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals” – Canadian Associates Rudimental Drumming Excellence(C.A.D.R.E.) senior masters of Canadian corps style – The Peel Regional Drum Corps & Pipes, perennial top ten in world pipe and drum competitions – Americlique, Swiss, Basel style ensemble – Bethune-Cookman Marching Wildcats, Show Band Masters and stars of the movie “DrumLine”- The Oakvillage Marching Percussion Ensemble – a junior band from Houston, The University of North Texas Drumline, multiple PAS champions and a Grand Finale with all the artists performing together.

Suggested retail price US $30.00. All proceeds go to:
PAS Drummer’s Heritage Scholarship Fund.
Order your copy from:
for more information contact: robin&

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