John Prine: “The Oldest Baby in the World”.

01 Jan

The songs of John Prine tell wonderful stories and one of his best is The Oldest Baby in the World. “We know plenty of them” he tells Donny Fritz, his keyboard playing buddy after seeing the title in a tabloid.   They make a date to write a song on a Monday morning in Nashville about an old baby. As Prine explains just before he sings, “the song is only about half as long as the story”. (John Prine Live, Oh Boy Records, OBR 005 CD)

I was reminded of Prine’s song while glancing through my iphoto albums of baby pics sent to me by former students who now had babies of their own. Their free floating youth is enough to make me feel old if not as old as the oldest baby in the world.

So here are some of the most beautiful and still young babies in the world. Have a Happy New Year everyone.

IM000506.JPGkeynote drums893

Donovan Bliss




Riia and Assi Rislakli

Naiya ScottEmma

Aeiana Scott

Lilly Siskp


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