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Football – The Band That Wouldn’t Die.

Just a few days after posting my article Football – Ducks vs Nuts, one of my readers sent me a YouTube link to a fifty minute documentary by Barry Levinson about the Baltimore Colt Band, the Colt football team and its move to Indianapolis titledThe Band That Wouldn’t Die (2009). It should be required viewing for every football fan. Levinson was born in Baltimore and had earlier created the briliant film DINER (1982) about his teenage years in his home town. Some of its most memorable moments concern a young girl who must pass a lenghty examination about the Colts before her boy friend will marry her. She is aided in her preparations by her entire family. As a team, they are as Baltimore as Baltimoreans can be. If you’re looking for some entertaining viewing, I recommend DINER.  P.S. On numerous occasions I went to this diner with school chums. If you could eat their super sundae unaided, you’d get another one free of charge.

In the mean time, read my article Football –  Ducks vs Nuts and then check out The Band That Wouldn’t Die:



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