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A Computer Tale

My last article was posted on 15 February. Since that date I have experienced problems with the Nuance company product Dragon Dictate. I have low vision and Dragon Dictate transcribes my spoken words via a small microphone into my computer, thus freeing me from the arduous task of typing and editing.

My work was going quite well until I purchased an updated version of Dragon Dictate. I contacted my professional computer expert to install the software. You must upgrade your Mac operating system to Mountain Lion, he informed me, otherwise this new Dragon Dictate will not function.

Then the troubles began.

I do not lnow when the troubles will end. This posting is to explain my lack of web site activity during the last month. There are some new and very interesting events I want to write about, not the least of which was The Fuji Trio performance here in Toronto in Koerner Hall.  A mother who studied with Keiko Abe and her two daughters are performing a wide variety or percussion ensemble repertoire at an extremely high level of artistry. Their mallet technique, influenced by Abe, contrasts dramatically with Leigh Stevens and other contemporary North American players. The Fuki family emphasizes dynamics and phrasing.

I have also been listening to Sibelius played by a variety of orchestras conducted by a variety of people including Stokowski, Toscanini, Ormandy and Spano.

I look forward to sharing these and other ideas with you.



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