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A Modest Proposal, a reply

“I like this. Selling this to conservatives should not be difficult as it appears cost effective as well as irrational. Some opposition from liberal tree huggers is to be expected, but they too are bottom line BMW driving capitalists and will soon come around.

Your proposal offers lucrative spin offs. Birthing Stations administered by people now on the dole; high school and university courses such as Ingesting Young Humans and its Socio Political Reverberations in a Post Humanistic Environment; cooking schools offering a myriad of courses: Preparing Babies, its Vegan Ramifications; The Poetic Pleasures of Carving aTot; hostels caring for mothers suffering Post Partum Stress Syndrome Disorder – PPSSD; underground railroads employing thousands, who for a large fee, will transport
to Canada babies of mothers who retain a debilitating effects of compassion for the newly arrived offspring – MWRASOCFTNAOS.

The salubrious effects upon our capitalistic infrastructure are almost limitless and will attract international investment bankers and security firms. Switzerland’s Nestlé Corp. and America’s Gerber, actually the same company, would no doubt be first off the mark with formulas and feeds designed to increase the texture, tenderness and taste of the newborn, thus enhancing its market value. (Remember, Nestlé? To bolster its year end bottom line Nestlés sold millions of Indian mothers a non-nutritional liquid labeled baby formula.)

Pre-natal possibilities are staggering. Imagine preparing a fetus as a Prime Rib, Coq au Vin or New York strip.

Have you begun exploratory inquires with the FDA and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture? From a religious perspective, I wonder if some clerics would be interested in a more mature and gender specific product. Sexual activity is rumoured to excite taste buds as well as inducing enlightenment.

Ahh kids, don’t you just love em?”

Saturn Devouring His Son; Francisco Goya, 1819-23.

Saturn Devouring His Son; Francisco Goya, 1819-23.


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