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Come now friends, fess up. What was the first thing to come to mind when you saw the words PUSSY RIOT? Come on. You’ve got it exactly. For centuries certain euphemisms maintain  an exalted status in the pantheon of expletive deletives. What thought you when you learned Honor Blackman’s name was PUSSY GALORE, James Bond’s Lorelei or sex slave depending on your perspective, in the 1964 film Goldfinger? We know what Bond thought. When Ms PUSSY told him her name, Bond said, “I must be dreaming“. And what did you think about the film title? And what about the other Bond film lovelies, Holly Goodhead and Octopussy?

Well now, fast forward to February 2012. Scene, Moscow, and the alter of  Russia’s revered Christ the Savior Orthodox Cathedral. PUSSY RIOT is a group of  women performance artists who wear balaclavas to declare their social anonymity and whose numbers change depending on the need of their latest venue. In Christ the Savior five of them danced, gyrated and sang an unflattering song about the current Russian political nebbish who happens to be named Vladimir Putin.  I must admit, Putin has always appeared to me as a waxed, pale used car salesman – think Nixon – who, for some reason has backing enough to remain in power, whatever power means in post Stalin Russia.

So, someone orders the offenders arrested. They stay in jail for five months and then this week appear before a woman judge who sentences three of the PUSSY RIOT to two years in prison. Why all five were not thrown in jail has not yet been disclosed. One of the condemned has a small child waiting for her at home.

Naturally vast multi-cultural voices have been raised in protest. This time Paul McCartney leads the throng though why his voice was not raised when 36 African miners were killed a day ago by army soldiers, remains a mystery. Well, he is an entertainer and if he must choose his target it probably makes since to defend three punk rock ladies.

But what I can’t figure out is why Putin and the men who manipulate him are so sensitive about PUSSY RIOT. Are they prudes? Do the Riots of PUSSy make them blush? Has the treatment they receive from wives and mistresses rendered them gormless and enraged.  But why? Are they, like us, assuming something smutty about PUSSY RIOT? Can PUSSY RIOT bring down the Russian bureaucracy?

I’ll bet on it. I think PUSSY RIOT may go global. It’s time. The apparatchiks have had their days and nights. Islamic terrorists are bleeding the economies of the western world and among US service personnel, suicide rates are soaring. Millions of people have lost their life savings because of unfettered greed  whilst  the criminals of Goldman Sacks remain unprosecuted, awash in the public largesse. It’s time. Raise the flags for  riots everywhere. Balaclavas, multicolored dresses, gyrations and disrespectful songs. Viva la PUSSY RIOT.